Marriage is a Partnership

Marriage is a partnership with 2 whole people coming together to become 1. At least that’s what I thought. Just taking a look at my facebook page and noticing how it seems the women are the ones who carry most of the load in the marriage. Their statuses are consisted of staying up late taking care of sick babies, having to stop homework to cook dinner, bath the kids and get them to bed. All the while I’m thinking, where are the husbands and what are they doing? I understand that the husbands have full time jobs, they wake up early to go to work and come home late. I understand when they come home all they want to do is….nothing. But the women are working full time too and contributing financially to the household so why can’t the husbands stay up late with the sick kid or give the kids a bath and put them to bed once in awhile?

If marriage is a partnership then both people should be helping each other. If marriage was a business and your name was on it, you would do what is necessary for the business, right? Well your name is on the marriage and your marriage is a reflection of you.

Then again, why have the wives allowed this to continue? Some of the women on my facebook page complain that they are stressed, tired, and overworked and they’ve complained for months. I’m thinking instead of complaning about it, DO something about it instead. First plan of action is talking to your husband and giving him a heads-up on your point of view on things. Secondly is to figure out how both people can contribute to the household so neither one is burned out.

Again, this is a partnership. It shouldn’t be one person’s responsibility to do everything. It is unfair, inconsiderate and rude to think it should be. Even if the wife doesn’t ask the husband to help, if the husband sees his wife struggling or tired, he should help out without being asked. It’s common sense to me.

But then again, I could be wrong…what do you think?


Is Skinny the new Healthy?

Angelina Jolie, LeAnn Rimes, Kelly Ripa

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see these women?

Beautiful, successful, maybe? Well the first thing that comes to my mind is eeww. Yes these women are beautiful and yes they are successful but they’re also very very very skinny!!! So skinny that it’s disgusting. Angelina, LeAnn and Kelly have all stated that despite how thin they are, they are also very healthy. Well, if that’s healthy, no thank you. I do not want it. I am not convinced by any stretch of the imagination that these women are eating balanced, complete 3 meals a day. If they are eating 3 meals a day they are also spending ridiculous amounts of time working out and that’s not healthy either. Their bodies are ugly.

Everyone praises Angelina Jolie for how beautiful she is, while I’m wondering, beautiful where? Yes, she has a pretty face but her body?! She looks like a walking skeleton! You can see every vein, every muscle, and every bone in her body. There’s a reason why she wears those flowing dresses. I believe it’s because she doesn’t want everyone to know how skinny she really is.

This is her in Tomb Raider back in 2001. She was skinny but she had the perfect combination of fat and muscle.

Now in 2011 she’s nothing but skin and bones. There is nothing sexy about this. She looked so much better when she had some weight on her. She’s only 36 years old but she looks well into her 40’s because of her weight. The secret to looking younger is not losing weight but being your proper weight. And this is under weight for her. Yes, she has always been skinny but this is ridiculous.

When Kelly Ripa jumped on the scene in the soap “All My Children”, she was a healthy, normal looking woman. She looked young and vibrant, much like the character she played on the show, Hayley Vaughan. This made her very likable, relatable, and beautiful. Even after 3 children, she has maintained her beautiful glow but now, she has taken the lose-the-baby-weight concept to a whole new level.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to get in shape and be “healthy”, but the definition of healthy has changed dramatically in the past 10 years. Kelly could stand to gain 5-7lbs. It wouldn’t hurt. I just don’t understand how she thinks this is sexy? What’s sexy about being able to see your bones?

Is it worth being able to fit in a size ’00’ dress? I understand that for celebrities their image is everything and they have to look their best at all times, but they should also be realistic and honest. Not everyone is supposed to be skinny. We don’t all have the same body type and that’s okay. For those people who feel that celebrities have to weigh a certain weight to be considered beautiful, have a screwed sense of self.

Money and beauty goes hand in hand, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. There are women all over the world that look at celebrities and try to emulate this flawed sense of beauty and health, not knowing that they have personal trainers, chefs, and busy schedules which keeps them constantly on the go.

LeAnn Rimes looked normal when she was married to Dean Sheremet in 2002.

She was thin but she looked healthy. Fast forward to 2011 to pictures she tweeted of her in a bikini on the beach.

She looks like a skeleton.  She received major backlash for these pictures and to her frail body, but she continually refutes claims that she’s anorexic or has an eating disorder. She claims she’s very healthy and eats all the time but the proof is in the photos. This is not healthy!

It’s all about self-esteem. Once women are comfortable with themselves (at whatever weight they are) and not concerned about what other people have to say about them, then they can be free! Free from what society claims a woman should look like and free to eat whatever she wants. Being healthy is eating a balanced portion of all the foods on the food pyramid (you remember that?) and exercising on a regular basis. So that means you can have chocolate and still be healthy. It’s all in moderation people.

Thanks to Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian for making the tush the new ‘it’ thing. Everybody wants one. I hope one day society will change what the definition of beauty is, so that women can feel good about themselves at all times, even if they’re not a size 0.

So the question is should we blame the women for projecting a false definition of healthy or should we blame society for setting a distorted level of beauty that women are expected to uphold?

Photos: Google Images