The saying goes: “A woman should be so wrapped up in God that a man has to seek God to find her” I understood it, but now it seems that a light has been turned on and I can clearly see the meaning now.

A woman has to be wrapped up in God and the things of God. She has to be in tune with God Himself, before she even meets her husband. And likewise with the husband. He has to be so wrapped up in the things of God, with a heart that wants what God wants so much so that the two of them together in turn end up wanting the same things. Their hearts are in tandem and in connection with one another in the spirit First before they even set eyes on each other. No one knows this is happening except the Father because He sees all and connects all. When their two heartbeats are in one rhythm, when their spirit beings are in line with one another, that’s when God will connect the two naturally. He will open the eyes of the man, as He did Adam, and He will open up the eyes of the woman so that they both can see what God has already seen and what God has already known from the beginning of time.

Sounds like a love letter to me….


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