Even though I’m full of you I still feel empty.

This body is just a shell.

There is nothing to fill my heart…therefore it is useless.

I want to be filled, full–wanting nothing.

Full of love from one heart to another.

Love so close together that they overlap to become ONE,

so that there is no division, no line of demarcation, just sheer unadulterated…..


Erykah Badu No Love


The Helpers and The Hinderance

There are two types of people in your life–The Helpers and The Hinderance. People come either to help you or to hinder you. What and how you react to either is up to you. You can either accept the hinderance and spend your life being miserable or you can push past them, push through them and use them to get to the next stage of your life.

The Helpers are there to help you with some aspect of your life. They’re not meant to solve all your problems but to be that bridge, that ram, the help you need for that particular time in that particular moment. They’re not always there to stay. They’re just there to help you get to that next challenge, that next obstacle, that next hinderance.

Both come in different forms and in unexpected packages. Regardless of when they come or how they come, be assured that they are there. All around you. You just have to open your eyes and see them for who they are. You may find that your hinderance helped you in some way or that your helper is secretly hindering you.

Don’t forget to turn the mirror on yourself. Are you a Hinderance in someone’s life or a Helper?

If That Doesn’t Work, Try Something Else!

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on my blog. Life got in the way and recently my mind has been churning with a lot of nothing!! I kept thinking of possible things I could blog about but then I couldn’t come up with enough words to complete my thought. I attended an online webinar about blogs and started to think about my niche. This was a few weeks ago. I couldn’t think of anything until today. I thought about something I enjoy doing and something I feel I can blog about everyday….it’s pretty much what I already do on my Facebook page–> http://www.facebook.com/valerie.wooten.

I love encouraging others and I try to find the “silver lining,” the good amongst the bad, in every situation I encounter. I believe there is a lesson in everything we go through in life. This attitude comes from my love of God, Jehovah, Jesus…all of the above. I am a Christian, a Believer whose heart is set towards God’s own heart. So in my future blogs, there will be talk about Almighty, the Creator, my Heavenly Father as I love to call Him. As well as words to help inspire, encourage and hopefully cause you to think differently about life.

I’m not interested in forcing people to become a Christian or force feeding people my beliefs, but simply to share what He is in my life. I am an Encourager as Jesus was. And I believe that people don’t need another person trying to make them be something they might not be interested in nor do they need another person telling them what they’re doing wrong.

With that being said, my future blogs will be encouraging words or situations I might have found myself in, thoughts that come to me as I wake up in the morning or right before I fall asleep at night, or thoughts that come to me as I weave in and out of traffic–inspiration comes from anything and at any moment and I pay close attention. 

I hope you enjoy and I’m gonna TRY to post at least once everyday…especially now that I have the time. Thanks for being patience with me!