Marriage is a Partnership

Marriage is a partnership with 2 whole people coming together to become 1. At least that’s what I thought. Just taking a look at my facebook page and noticing how it seems the women are the ones who carry most of the load in the marriage. Their statuses are consisted of staying up late taking care of sick babies, having to stop homework to cook dinner, bath the kids and get them to bed. All the while I’m thinking, where are the husbands and what are they doing? I understand that the husbands have full time jobs, they wake up early to go to work and come home late. I understand when they come home all they want to do is….nothing. But the women are working full time too and contributing financially to the household so why can’t the husbands stay up late with the sick kid or give the kids a bath and put them to bed once in awhile?

If marriage is a partnership then both people should be helping each other. If marriage was a business and your name was on it, you would do what is necessary for the business, right? Well your name is on the marriage and your marriage is a reflection of you.

Then again, why have the wives allowed this to continue? Some of the women on my facebook page complain that they are stressed, tired, and overworked and they’ve complained for months. I’m thinking instead of complaning about it, DO something about it instead. First plan of action is talking to your husband and giving him a heads-up on your point of view on things. Secondly is to figure out how both people can contribute to the household so neither one is burned out.

Again, this is a partnership. It shouldn’t be one person’s responsibility to do everything. It is unfair, inconsiderate and rude to think it should be. Even if the wife doesn’t ask the husband to help, if the husband sees his wife struggling or tired, he should help out without being asked. It’s common sense to me.

But then again, I could be wrong…what do you think?