Seriously though…who didn’t see this coming?

It’s one thing to catch your man cheating but it’s quite another to find out he not only cheated but now he’s being accused of sexual assault. That’s what happened to Vanessa Bryant, wife of LA Lakers basketball star Kobe Bryant back in 2004. I’ve dealt with a cheating mate in the past but to deal with it in the public eye, with everyone watching you, I’m not sure how I would have done it.

Vanessa, on the other hand, took the high road and stood by her man. She was beside him, hands enclosed in his, as he denied the rape allegations against him and she didn’t speak publicly about it, which helped settle the situation. And on top of that she got a nice sparkler for staying put, otherwise known by as ‘The Apology Ring’.

Now, after more alleged affairs have surfaced, Vanessa has said enough is enough! She filed for divorce from Kobe, December 16th and since there was no prenup, Vanessa will continue to keep up the lavish lifestyle she has come accustomed to for the last 10 1/2 years.

Which has me thinking….

Shouldn’t wives in the public eye kind of assume their husbands are going to cheat sometime in the marriage? I know that sounds a little suspect, but hear me out. Athletes, singers, rappers, actors, anyone in the public eye whose deemed a celebrity in some degree, has women around them all the time. And not your average woman. We’re talking about women who pride themselves on looking the VERY best at all times!

Men, in the public eye, have no choice but to look at these women. I’m not saying they should get a past and I am no way giving them an excuse to cheat, but this is reality. Men love to look at attractive women and for the wives of these celebrity men, you have to be aware of this fact and be okay that your husband might test the waters once or twice.

These sexpot women, sometimes push themselves on celebrity men because they know men can’t resist a big butt and a smile and because there is always an incentive in it for them: MONEY.

So both people are happy: cheating husband who wants attractive lady and the mistress, who loves the thrill of being with a celebrity and gets a taste of the fast and free lifestyle.

Which brings us to the million dollar question every celebrity wife should ask herself. Should I accept the fact that my husband might cheat and still live this lavish lifestyle or if I ever find out he’s cheating, the marriage is over as fast as the ink dries. But why don’t the women put a stipulation in the prenup (if there is one) about cheating? Like if the celebrity is caught cheating she can cheat too, or she gets a certain amount of money if he is caught. I know money will never make up for the emotional turmoil cheating afflicts on one’s heart, but it can most certainly help when restarting your life and career.

The moral of this story is for women to be smart, logical, and realistic when getting married, especially if you’re marrying a celebrity. You can’t control what your husband does in the marriage, but you can protect yourself in the event he does not value your wedding vows just as much as you do.

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3 thoughts on “Seriously though…who didn’t see this coming?

  1. Very true. I certainly wouldn’t have put up with that foolishness for long, I don’t care how much money he has. But now I hear he’s trying to keep the marriage..smh..I just don’t understand how guys feel they have so many chances with you. What’s wrong with doing it right the first time?….sounds like a potential blog post to me….

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